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EDward leaves Vega Squadron 03.05.2017 Author // sirVatum

Vega Squadron are sad to announce that our support player and a captain of League of Legends roster Edward "EDward" Abgaryan leaveas Vega Squadron. His contract ends at the end of May and Edward decided not to renew the coopration. .
Player's comment:
- This decision was a tough one for me. I have no complaints about Vega Squadron organization. On the contrary, I'm glad to devote a year to this team as they give you EVERYTHING that they need and I value it the most. I can't think of any organization I've been to that created better conditions for players, and I've seen a lot of them. Vega Squadron became second family for me and our owner, Alexey Kondakov, played a huge role in it.
What goes to my decision, a year ago I decided to join Vega Squadron in order to create a team of great level and prove worthy on pro-scene. I believe that every single player in our team did their utmost best during this year. I'm thankful to them for such a warm welcome, especially to NoNholy, Zanzarah and Drobovik123 and of course Lex even though he joined later. I still enjoy playing with all of them but I have a feeling that I've got nothing else to give them and we won't become a better team playing together from this point on, and we need to do so in order to win in LCL. This is why I decided to leave.
I'd like to thank all Vega Squadron fans and my own fans as well for their support throughout the year. But the biggest "thank you" goes to my teammates-brothers, coaches, our great manager and Sharkz, who helped us a lot even when he has been in Europe with G2. And a HUGE "thank you" goes to Drobovik123's mom for supporting us the most every day.

Vega Squadron CEO, Alexey Kondakov:
- I've been 100% confident in EDward ever since he joined the team. We'd be glad to continue our work together, but he decided to take another path. I'd like to thank him for his time. I'm glad a player of such level played in Vega Squadron. He did his best for our team to fight for the highest places in LCL and reach a whole new level of gameplay. Also I'd like to point out not only his professionalism and high personal skill, but his personal and leadership skills. Players like him create the atmosphere of a real family inside the team and it's invaluable. I wish EDward best of luck with his career.