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DreamLeague 7: Vega Squadron opponent guide 21.07.2017 Author // sirVatum

On July 21st Vega Squadron begin on DreamLeague 7 LAN fianals. "Sharks" official website is here to tell you about our opponents for the tournament.


Team Liquid


«Horses» are one of the main favorites on this tournament. Last DremLeague champions should be back on track after a failure on The Kiev Major. They already took part in Starladder i-League and EPICENTER and left both as victors.

Despite the lack of tournaments Team Liquid are definetely in good shape coming into this before the International.

It is possible that the tournament in Atlanta will be the place to check some strategies inbefore the TI. Noone doubts, however, that Liquid are going here 100% serious willing to please their fans.




Team Secret


Secret did their best to qualify for The International after not getting a direct invite, and it was more than enough to finish first in the quali. Before that, Secret gave a great fight to Virtus.Pro and even made them decline the strategy of unique heroes each game. Just as many other teams, Secret decided to take a break from tournaments before th TI, but DreamLeague will be a great opportunity to try something new and show yourself in new meta.




Planet Odd


After The International 6 things have not been going swimmingly for Digital Chaos. After leaving the orgniazation and chaning the tag to Thunderbirds Resolut1on and his team only managed to qualify for EPICENTER and find a new sponsor in face of Planet Odd, but never had any success ever since. They took 3rd place on TI7 qualifiers and didn't make it to main event and it was promised a disband. The team didn't break and stood together. Still, their shape isn't that great right now, so this tournament may be the place that will decide the fate of the squad.