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DM is officially a Vega Squadron player 30.01.2019 Author // vilden

Vega Squadron is glad to announce that Dmitri "DM" Dorokhin — the player that has been a stand-in for "sharks" during DreamLeague Major Open Qualifiers — has signed a contract with the organization. As a reminder, Vega went through the open qualifiers after the first try without losing a single map. 

Dmitri will play his first game as an official Vega Squadron player on DreamLeague Major closed qualifiers. The EU one is scheduled for February, 4th and will last for 3 days.

Vega Squadron Sports Director, Georgy Faleev:

— All the formalities are finally settled, the contract has been signed and we're ready to announce that Dmitri "DM" Dorokhin became a full member of Vega Squadron. Dmitri has been in lead of the EU ladder for quite a while now and prove to be a great person as well. Dmitri has already received a German visa and will soon go to Stuttgart to practice and play DPC tournament qualifiers from there.

Player comment:

— I am glad to start working with Vega Squadron. I am also happy to play in a solid, competitive team. I am hoping to display my best performance. Rest assured, I'm full of motivation!

Dota 2 Vega Squadron roster

  • Omar «Madara» Dabachach
  • Dmitri «DM» Dorokhin
  • Maurice «Khezu» Gutmann
  • Apostolos «MaybeNextTime» Verros
  • Petu «Peksu» Vaatainen


  • NIklas «okcya» Koskinen (coach)
  • Allen «Bonkers» Cook (менеджер)