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CS:GO roster loses a player 19.08.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

We're sad to announce that Pavel "hutji" Lashkov is leaving our CS:GO roster.

RUPavel «hutji» Lashkov:

"Our life is very balanced. When you lose something, you gain something in return somewhere else. Unfortunately moving to a new place took my opportunity to play with my team. I wish my friends and my teammates best of luck and a lot of achievements on major events. Vega is on it's way to the top because people that play there are amazing! I respect and value them as very talented players. The time I spent in Vega has been amazing. I hope I'll be able to come back some day."

RUViktor «vidoq» Manaenkov (coach):

"We are very thankful to hutji for everything he did to the team and our organization. He's a wonderful person and a responsible teammate but unfortunately life's full of events we cannot change. We part but remain good friends. The main reason to leave was an awful internet connection at his new place which led to him being unable to participate in many internet-qualifiers, leagues and championships."

Right now we're looking for a 5-th player who'll most likely be announced tomorrow evening.