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[CS:GO] lamp joins Vega Squadron! 20.08.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Greetings! We're glad to announce that RUAlexander "lamp" Novyi is joining our CS:GO team as a 5th player, coming from russian team Evolution.

RUAlexander "lamp" Novyi:

"Hi everyone! Even though I've been playing in Evolution.Light, Vega made me an offer I couldn't decline. I am glad to join this team and will do my best to achieve the highest results possible."

RUViktor "vidoq" Manaenkov - team coach:

"We were certain about the person we needed in the team so decision didn't take much time. =) We're glad that Alexander agreed to join us. I am sure he's exactly what the team requires."

Alexander's VK group: http://vk.com/lampcsgo