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Crush and jR will take part in WESG together with Team Spirit and pro100 players 21.11.2018 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron CS:GO players: Dmitriy «jR» Chervak and Igor «crush» Shevchenko will participate in the Ukrainian qualifiers in a team called Djakuyu. It will also include 2 players from Team Spirit, Victor «somedieyoung» Orudzhev and Pavel «COLDYY» Veklenko, together with pro100 marksman, Ivan «AiyvaN» Semenets.

WESG – is a championship that only allows teams with all the participants being from the same country. WESG CS:GO LAN finals will be hosted in March 2019 with a total prize pool of $800,000. LAN qualifiers in Ukraine will begin in Kiev, December 21st.

Djakuyu roster

Dmitry «jR» Chervak (Vega Squadron)
Igor «crush» Shevchenko (Vega Squadron)
Victor «somedieyoung» Orudzhev (Team Spirit)
«COLDYY» Veklenko (Team Spirit)
Ivan «AiyvaN» Semenets (pro100)