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Confident victory: Vega Squadron takes revenge from Horde 20.02.2017 Author // sirVatum

First map picks:

Vega: Terrorblade (Ditya Ra), Lone Druid (G), Centaur Warrunner (Mag), Lina (SoNNeikO), Shadow demon  (CeMa)

Horde: Vengeful spirit (Gorgc), Sniper (Xcalibur), Beastmaster (33), Earth spirit (Pablo), Chen (Akke)


Both team went for pushing lineups and the beginning of the game was expectedly full of events. Vega tried to get early advantage, Horde replied with their moves as well.

Thanks to Shadow Demon + Lina and Centaur "sharks" made Horde pay for every kill with objective destroyed. By minute 15 3 Vega heroes were in the top of net worth charts, by minute 20 there were no outer towers standing on Horde side.

The decisive fight was around Roshan, "squadron" had a great fight, made 4 kills without losing anyone and took Aegis. With no pause they got up enemy highground and opened the first lane. 33 tried to outsplitpush "sharks", but Vega finished the game with confidence.


Second map picks:

Vega: Vengeful spirit (Ditya Ra), Dragon knight (G), Abaddon (Mag), Clockwerk (SoNNeikO), Dazzle  (CeMa)

Horde: Lifestealer (Gorgc), Outworld devourer (Xcalibur), Slardar (33), Rubick (Pablo), KoTL (Akke)


Next map "sharks" were experimenting with SoNNeikO on Clockwerk. First blood was given to CIS team, but after that Horde were playing carefully and didn't gave away many heroes.

Signature KoTL by Akke found his place around the map and made a lot of impact, but Horde towers were still falling.

Feeling stronger, Vega got the first set of barracks, got themselves more map control and then, in a couple won fights, made their opponent call the "GG".

2:0 and Vega are taking revenge for D2CL. Horde are dropping to lower brackets.