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CIS Minor: Vega's opponents guide on groupstage 07.06.2017 Author // Ace

This Thursday, June 8, Vega begins on CIS Minor. 8 CS:GO teams of our region will be fighting for 2 invites to the Major and $50,000 prize pool. Vega Squadron official website will tell you more about the group that "sharks" are in.

As a reminder, tournament will be using GSL system, all upper bracket mathes will be bo1, lower ones - bo3. 2 teams advance to play-offs.




In the first match "sharks" will face the only Khazakhstan team on event, Tengri. They've always been a face of the local scene, Khazakhstan has historically been one of the CS:GO centres, but now this roster features not only Khazakhstan players, but Kyrgyzstan talents as well.

For the history of Tengri they've already found such a talented player as Hobbit that is now playing under Gambit tag. fitch, Ramz1k and sonic have been playing togeher since July 2016, in January they have been accompanied by SNk and pachanga, Ilnar "cau" Galeev is the coach of the team. Main achievements of the team are different online tournament victories, on Minor qualifiers Tengri easily beat their group: LoG 2:1 and pro100 2:0. Their signature map is considered Mirage with 77% rounds won with entry-frags.




For the whole history of CIS Minors it's the first time one organization is presented by 2 rosters. Team Spirit Academy displayed decent results just as the main roster. 1uke, BAS, rommi, fenya, NickelBack and iksou stomped their group by beating EPG 2:0 and then not giving a single map to Evolution.

What's interesting, PGL allowed academy rosters to take part in Minor LAN finals, but with a different name in order to prevent confusion. So, Team Spirit Academy will be playing under the short version of their name. "Dragons" haven't played many official matches, but already have impressive stats on Inferno - 3 wins on 3 maps with 48:22 round difference.


Nemiga Gaming


After qualifying for Minor LAN finals Belarussian team K29 found a partner in face of Nemiga Gaming that is aiming to support and improve local eSports scene. What goes to the team itself, it consists of players from Belarus only: CyverFocus, ROBO, hitMouse, dERZKIY, roman and their coach keep3r. Names are quite famous and players already used to play on solid level for CIS.

Despite all that, K29 haven't achieved notable results yet. Their main achievement might be ESL One Cologne open qualifier victory. However, in closed qualifiers Belarussian team only took 16 rounds from Dignitas. What goes to Minor qualifiers, K29 let Spirit roster forward after losing 2:1 with 16:14 score on decider map. Signature map of the Belarussian team is Overpass with 11 wins in 16 games.