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chopper: «We knew Liquid would pick Mirage» 16.01.2018 Author // Konservator

We asked Leonid "chopper" Vishniakov a couple questions about him and his team getting to ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. MVP of the match against Liquid will tell us more about opponent's weak spots and morale aspect of the game.

— What map have you been aiming against Liquid?

— We got ready for Mirage because we knew they won't ban it. As it turned out.

— Why was it so hard playing against nitrO?

— He was moving around the map a lot and his aim is great. Such players always create problems.

chopper is in the list of best players of the offline qualifiers

— After being defeated by G2 Esports you said there is no tilt and you'll prepare for the next match. How easy was it to forget about the last game and move on?

— By that moment in time we have already realized that we gave a good fight to one of the best teams in the world and could have even won. We were a little bit short on luck, the scores were close so everyone understood there was no space for tilt here.

— What have you been feeling with the score of 15:14 after losing the round with the same score and same economy the day before?

— We just decided to play the most confident combination — 2-2. I agree, they did have a bad buy, but it's already in the past.



— What were the most obvious mistakes from Vega Squadron and Team Liquid that did matter.

— From our side it was miscommunication - someone couldn't hear a teammate. Liquid have been playing as 4 because zews is more of a shot-caller rather than a player. With another player they would have less trouble making important decisions and move.

— Are you already preparing for North?

— Not yet. Today is a media-day for the team but we're coming back to practice really soon. Thanks for supporting us - it's extremely important for the team.

After a short break Vega Squadron will get back to New Legends stage on ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. On Janaury 19th they are playing against North using the same old swiss system. Follow the results and announces from our rosters in the media below: