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Changes in Vega Squadron roster 10.07.2020 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron make two substitutions in our League of Legends roster. We farewell to our top laner Nikita «Shellkunchik» Yulskiy and support Roman «Wildheart» Maksimchuk. We thank them for their time and effort.

They will be substituted by the Polish support Symeon "Meleks" Smejkal and the Turkish top laner Taner "Rare" Levendoğlu.

During his career, Rare played in such teams as Dark Passage, Galakticos, ⁠Beşiktaş, and others. He will be the first-ever Turkish player in the history of Vega Squadron (considering every esports discipline). Meleks played for different Polish teams and took the third place at Polska Liga Esportowa 2018.

Kirill Katashov (manager):

- Our results in LCL showed that we needed the changes in our roster. The new players have the abilities we were looking for to get where we want to be. Our renewed roster is already practicing, and we hope to surprise everyone as early as this weekend.

Vega Squadron League of Legends roster:

Taner «Rare» Levendoğlu (Top lane)
Artem «Rein» Zenyan (Jungler)
Nikita «Griffon» Gudkov (Middle lane)
Evgeny «Mytant» Zavalniy (ADC)
Symeon «Meleks» Smejkal (Support)
Nikita «f0lloVVmE» Mukhin (Coach)

Kirill «JamesPeke» Katashov (Manager)

The first games of Vega Squadron renewed roster are scheduled for June 11, 12, at LCL Summer Split