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Briefly about Vega opponents on BD Cup 30.03.2017 Author // Ace

Оfficial Vega Squadron website presents "sharks" opponents for the first round of Binary Dragons Cup with $20,000 prize pool. Groupstage will be using GSL system and bo1 series. First opponent for "sharks" will be FlipSid3.


FlipSid3 Tactics


This match will be the third since Vega Squadron CS:GO roster was created. "Sharks" haven't met any other opponent that often. And it could even be the 4th time teams met as F3 and "squadron" were in the same brackets on DH Austin qualifiers, but Ukrainians suddenly lost to the French mix called Tortues Ninja.

In March FlipSid3 had series of 14 lost maps with only one victory over Kinuin. What's curious, the opponents were of different skill: there were Gambit and North and there were Fnatic Academy, Epsilon and even Playing Ducks. However, F3 are quite effective against Vega Squadron. For the 4 maps teams played against each other "sharks" only took Cache once, lost on Nuke twice and accepted defeat on Overpass.




Finnish stack in face of SAGGERTON, sAw, xseveN, ZOREE and Twista has been playing together since 2015. For the history of the team they changed several tags and Twista moved to coach position last year. First, zehN was the fifth in the team, then he was replaced with Juhob.

iGame are the strongest team in Finland without anyone else to fight for the title. Team is stable, but doesn't make sensations: they win over the ones they should, lose to top-tier teams, and fight on par with 20-40 positions of HLTV ratings. iGame themselves dropped out of the top-30, but it doesn't mean anything - these guys know how to play CS:GO.


OnceAgainst EU


Team OnceAgainst is the "dark horse" of the group. This team looks like an outsider being the mix of 5 different country representatives. Team went though open qualifiers and didn't have any serious official matches so far.

One played of OnceAgainst stands out - it's Valentin Bishop Canepa as he used to be a player of Fragsport and Dark Passage. Experienced 25 year old Swedish played displays average rating of 1.1 and headshop percent around 55, so he is a really scary opponent for anyone who faces OnceAgainst.