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Better luck next time: Vega didn't handle the worlds vice-champions 16.07.2017 Author // Ace

In the Major debut match Vega Squadron faced Virtus.Pro. During draft "sharks" and "bears" decided to go with Nuke that is considered one of the strongest in the VP's arsenal, though "squadron" used to beat strong opponents, like Heroic, here as well.

Vega were the ones to pick sides and they decided to defend fist. Even being on the stronger side "sharks" lost the pistol round and then the default "+4" even though they had some solid chances in the first device round. Vega only managed to take the 6th round and threw the one after it, losing the economy again.

The next round to be taken by "sharks" was the 11th and he didn't start the comeback again. At some points Vega were just unlucky, sometimes they made mistakes, sometimes VP were prefiring headshots.

After Vega lost the 3v2 pistol round as attack, it was obvious. 16:2 and "sharks" first Major match better be forgotten.