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Best clutcher and headshot-machine. Vega Squadron achivements on StarSeries 15.10.2018 Author // vilden

Our CS:GO roster finished second on StarSeries i-League Season 6 Finals. In the grand-finals Vega Squadron lost to ENCE with a 2:3 score and took the prize of $50,000.

— Anton «tonyblack» Kolesnikov became the best clutcher of the tournament. He won 10 clutches - 4 more than his tiziaN, daps and jR. Chopper also ended up in top-5 with his 5 clutches won.

— Leonid «chopper» Vishnyakov took the lead in headshots and kills total. He "popped" 155 heads and scored 279 frags.

— tonyblack and jR also made it to top-5 of the total kills. Anoton finished second (272 kills) while Dimitry settles a couple positions lower (271 kill).

— Dimitry «jR» Chervak ended up being the best sniper (total AWP kills). 157 shots from his sniper rifle hit the target - more than a half of his total kills (57.93%).

— These grand finals were the fourth this year to feature 5 maps played in a best-of-5 format. Earlier, five maps were required to define the winner on ESL One New York 2018, ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018 and Intel Extreme Masters Season XII.