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Bane with Mjolnir and road to upper bracket finals. Game versus Spirit review 03.11.2017 Author // 1000000


Map one. Winner: Team Spirit.


Radiant, Team Spirit: Phantom Assassin (iLTW), Death Prophet (Iceberg), Magnus (DkPhobos), Night Stalker (fng), Earthshaker (Biver)

Dire, Vega Squadron: Slark (ALOHADANCE), Sniper (G), Tusk (Afterlife), Ogre Magi (Slayer), Silencer (VV_Zayac)

As you can see, Team Spirit went for teamfight heroes and even a greddy support in face of Earthshaker found some place around the map with Nightstalker buying all the wards for his team while "shaker" was getting his Blink Dagger. Vega picked some strange heroes instead with a rare Tusk and a long-forgotten Slark.

Vega had a decent earlygame phase, Ogre helped Sniper win midlane and Slark was leading the net worth charts thanks to good rotations. But even considering that Vega still had to act scared as Team Spirit still had improved vision from NS and such ultimates as Echo Slam and Reverse Polarity. As a side note, most of these spells were used to counter Slark that is famous for being almost un-catch-able. It was just too much for him. Team Spirit took all Roshans and only let Phantom Assassin die once in the game, finishing the game on minute 39 with confidence.



Map two. Winner: Vega Squadron.


Radiant, Vega Squadron: Lifestealer (ALOHADANCE), Outworld Devourer (G), Afterlife (Batrider), Kunkka (Slayer), VV_Zayac (Shadow Demon)

Dire, Team Spirit: Anti-Mage (iLTW), Necrophos (Iceberg), Axe (DkPhobos), Winter Wyvern (fng), Earthshaker (Biver)

On this map Team Spirit used one of the strongest heroes last patch - Necrophos and Vega replied with one of the strongest counterpicks - OD. One more good pick was Shadow Demon against Anti-Mage considering the Duelist Fates buffs. VV_Zayac was literally following iLTW around the map and used Magina's manaburn against him. So, the earlygame for Anti-Mage was completely ruined and he got his Battlefure by minute 19. By this time Vega were leading 8k net worth and Outworld Devourer easily beat Necrophos on mid. Batrider didn't face any difficulties against Axe and Anti-Mage as well. So, Vega finished the game with ease on minute 28.

Interesting facts:

  • Shadow Demon that was hunting Anti-Mage for the whole earlygame phase dealt 2200 damage to him, just as much as Anti-Mage did for the whole game.
  • The most useful hero in teamfights on Team Spirit side was Winter Wyvern with 10k hero damage. Both core heroes: Anti-Mage and Necrophos were the least useful in the team (2k and 5k damage respectively).



Map three. Winner: Vega Squadron.


Radiant, Team Spirit: Lone Druid (iLTW), Mirana (Iceberg), Earthshaker (DkPhobos), Bounty Hunter (fng), Oracle (Biver)

Dire, Vega Squadron: Weaver (ALOHADANCE), Bane (G), Legion Commander (Afterlife), Kunkka (Slayer), Warlock (VV_Zayac)

For the whole series it was the time Biver got himself a 5th position hero - Oracle. Both teams went for greedy farming safelane heroes, this is why it was the longest map of the three, but Vega made a notable pick in face of Bane on mid - a hero that has been played purely as support for the last years and now became one of the strongest midlaners of the new patch. It is also worth noticing that Cema was playing Kunkka for the 2nd time in a row, he helped making pick-offs with X Marks The Spot and do offensive moves like putting an X to Weaver so he could easily destroy Team Spirit's last barracks. Bane won mid against Mirana thanks to his Enfeeble, at the same time Weaver became the leader of net worth charts by minute 10 and remained there for the whole game.

And even though the earlygame was somewhat even, starting from minute 12 Vega Squadron were leading in net worth and worked on increasing the advantage during the whole match. With every fight Vega were more and more ahead, got more map control and it looked like an easy confidering victory for them, but when Vega Squadron were ready to go for last-push iLTW on his Lone Druid did something crazy. He went throne through toplane and almost finished the game in his favor, but fortunately Bane came back in time to sleep the bear letting the Legion Commander kill the intruder. Vega Squadron's ancient was 80hp away from falling, so one hit could've decided the outcome of the game. A couple seconds later Vega Squadron finished the game on the other side of the map with 19k gold advantage.

Interesting facts:

  • Lone Druid needed 10 seconds to destroy 2 tier-4 towers and leave 80 hp on the enemy Ancient dealing 7000 siege damage in 10 seconds. Bane that saved the day bought his Boots of Travel 2 minutes before the incident.
  • On all 3 maps Vega Squadron cores (ALOHADANCE & G) were outfarming the opponents. Thanks goes to both of these players and also their supports that did enough space for that to be possible.
  • In every game Slayer was buying Solar Crest, one of the most effective support items. With Monkey King Bar rework this item is even more effective.
  • Dueling Fates: among the new items, we've only seen Spirit Vessel from both sides on map one. Captain's Draft is the only mode with new heroes being available, but it appeared in the pool just once and was insta-banned by Team Spirit. Maybe we'll see one of the new heroes in a game against Team Empire? We'll see!


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