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Anti-Mage keeps winning. Game with Team Secret recap. 08.11.2017 Author // 1000000

Map one. Winner: Vega Squadron.


Radiant, Team Secret: Meepo (Ace), Viper (MidOne), Batrider (Fata), Earthshaker (YapzOr), Witch Doctor (Puppey)

Dire, Vega Squadron: Anti-Mage (ALOHADANCE), Queen of Pain (G), Omniknight (AfterLife), Clockwerk (Slayer), Bane (VV_Zayac)


Meepo was the notable pick by Secret. This hero demands high micro skills and when played right, he can farm incredibly fast and win the game singlehandedly - and this is one of the ways to beat Anti-Mage  that was picked 4th - you either ruin his lane phase or outfarm the hero. Secrets tried to do both things at the same time, the focus Magina's lane, play around it and Ace gets his space.


Team Secret failed to do both things at a time, that's for sure: Anti-Mage wasn't freefarming but still haven't died a single time during laning phase (running ahead, he didn't die once for the whole game) and had his Battlefury by minute 15. Meanwhile Ace died 6 times in 20 minutes with the space he was given on his Meepo and with the increased experience gain every death hurt him more than any other hero.


The key moment was around minute 20 when G blinked into Roshpit on his Queen of Pain and took Aegis right infront of Meepo's face and Vega wins the important teamfight. Anti-Mage farms non-stop, becomes a leader in net worth charts. Teams play passive but the second Roshan goes to Team Secret after Vega's supports get killed. 5 minutes later Team Secret get teamwiped trying to kill Anti-Mage and have nothing to stop Vega's push Understanding that Meepo has no buyback and Viper has used his one Vega go for the throne and open the scores.

Map two. Winner: Team Secret.


Radiant, Vega Squadron: Lifestealer (ALOHADANCE), Templar Assassin (G), Puck (AfterLife), Slayer (Night Stalker), Bane (VV_Zayac)

Dire, Team Secret: Lone Druid (Ace), Death Prophet (MidOne), Centaur Warrunner (Fata), Zeus (YapzOr), Spirit Breaker (Puppey)


The most interesting part about the draft is Team Secret's signature duo of supports - Zeus plus Spirit Breaker, both have global abilities and "bara" provides Zeus the movespeed buff he really lacks. Vega take 2 cores with physical damage. At the very start both teams focus on midlane, gank and rotate here a lot. This way both easylanes were freefarming - Lone Druid and Lifestealer, and both heroes rushed ahead of everyone in terms of net worth.


Lone Druid got killed after Vega's smoke and take the first Roshan. Then they use the Lifestealer "bomb" in Puck to gank. At this point of time Vega started winning teamfights, increasing their domination. But it didn't last long. Vega lost 2 fights in a row on enemy side of the map, Secret decide to start pushing and take bottom set of barracks after one successful fight. Lifestealer even had to use his buyback but it wasn't effective.


Vega took another Roshanw facing tno resistance, wins a fight while pushing Secret's buildings. The net worth are back to zero. Both teams try to push, Vega only managed to take tier-3 towers, but when Secret took the 3rd Roshan there was nothing that could stop them. Centaur Warrunner used his Aghanim-upgraded Stampede twice, so his team took 40% less damage for a whole duration of 8 seconds in teamfight. Secret's lategame was much stronger, so the end of the game was quick and kind of simple.

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