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«All or nothing». Road to Atlanta 11.08.2018 Author // Konservator

Every pro player has one primary aim in his mind. It may be signing a contract with a prestigious team, getting a high income or becoming incredibly popular, but nothing will replace the Champion's title. Inbefore FACEIT Major 2018 we decided to recall what effort it took for Vega to reach the main esports events of the competitive Counter-Strike.

Оctober 2016. A team called ALL-IN that recently left ANOX organization is fighting for suvival in CIS Minor closed qualifiers. The motivation is incredible - there aren't many big esports organizations that are willing to support CS:GO in CIS, and a team can't suvive for long with just the prize pool money.

The roster has already attended LAN's and had quite an advantage over the opponents under jR's leadership. The team won 2 series out of 3 in group D, beating Enso and Quantum Bellator Fire with waterfaLLZ and balblna, that are now considered "legends". The joy was overwhelming, but only the leaders made it to the mainstage - no invites and "random tourists" that everyone were afraid to become.

The matches began with mind games - ALL-IN had to face EYESports with old teammates lamp and norison fighting for the trophy in the main roster. Unfortuntely for the latter, a 6:16 defeat on Dust2 let us advance to the Upper Bracket finals. Out there ALL-IN faced the Lithuanian team VwS and won with the same score. The fate of the play-offs was decided on Cache - you won't see our players performance on it often, as it is usually banned in one of the first stages for a couple years already.



Such a fortunate play-off beginning boosted the morale of the team significantly, but the next morning all the new hopes have been crushed by the ambitious Team Spirit roster. The loser bracket finals featured the signature bo1 "roulette", but VwS couldn't find the opportunity to take revenge.

So, it all came down to the match against the offenders, and this time the agressive strategies on Cache and D2 worked perfectly. Team Spirit were better at aiming, but they couldn't solve ALL-IN's riddle in time - on November 13th evening jR, hutji, mir, kehsandr and chopper became the champions of the Minor. This was the beginning of our CS:GO roster's "new era".

«In the end of 2015 we had to part ways with the guys due to financial difficulties, but I could barely control my emotions sitting on the Minor finals - I was cheering for ALL-IN as if they were my team. We followed the tournament together with drAmer and were 100% confident that we'll find an agreement with the team. We didn't have any doubts that guys will prefer someone else».

— Alexey «Vega» Kondakov

We only had a month to prepare for offline-qualifiers to the Major. The international opponents looked really unstable with NA teams being under constant pressure by the main community analysts and jokers. The first international tournament for our team began with a major note - the first round against CLG on Mirage let everyone know that CIS has potential but really has to slow down and act more carefully.

However, after a close defeat by Immortals (the score was 16:14) on Cache, guys lost the courage and were then defeated by G2.

So, when Vega faced NiP, all the viewers were already bidding farewell to another mediocre team. Swedish team had everything - they were supported by the crowd, had the Major experience and even three solid titles in the season with pyth - IEM Oakland, Dreamhack Masters Malmo and second season of StarSeries. But our guys didn't give up.

Every bit of power, motivation and pride for the region was put into good use in a match against Swedish guys - and their game plan was destroyed in 2 rounds. Since then Vega Squadron has put a curse on NiP that has been dispelled only a couple weeks ago. In the meantime, "sharks" just didn't have any resources left to deal with Team EnVyUs.



That was the first challenge of our team on their way to the top. Next time we'll recall the Krakov story in full colors.