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Alienware Summer's End Cup: Day One 12.09.2015 Author // theDabca

Well, our Alienware Summer’s End Cup run was cut short today. RUVega Squadron lost 2-1 in a close series against EU5Jungz, dropping out of the single-elimination tournament in the first round and finishing out of the money. We are now looking to use the experience gained from this event to create future success.


The Summers End Cup is Alienware’s initiative to fill the weekend left empty by the cancellation of the Gaming Paradise 2015. Eight Teams were invited for a short and simple single-elimination tournament with a $10,000 prize pool played September 11-13. Teams invited for the online tournament include: RUVega Squadron, RUTeam Empire, RUPower Rangers, EU5Jungz, EU4 Clovers & A Lepricon, EUGolden Boys, SENinjas in Pyjamas, and SEAlliance.

Series Recap:

After a solid game one performance, RUVega Squadron dropped the second and third game of the series. Pasha played an exceptional Phantom Lancer in the first game with a remarkable farming rate, and we saw an unusual support duo in the form of Dazzle and Shadow Shaman work incredibly well. The second game saw Mag play Tuskar and No[o]ne play Windranger, and the 45-minute game was close until the very end, won by EU5Jungz with incredible plays from Kuroky on Lina, Fata on Storm Spirit and Matumbaman on Ember Spirit. In the third game Leshrac, Io and Gyro were picked up by the German Stack and did serious damage to RUVega Squadron. The aggressive tri-lane with Luna, Shadow Shaman and Bounty Hunter did not pay off. This combined with a Leshrac, Queen of Pain matchup mid-lane spelled the end for RUVega Squadron in the Summer’s End Cup.

In My Honest Opinion:

The quality of Vega’s draft fell after game one and did not recover. This shows the experience coming from EU5Jungz drafter, Kuroky, and perhaps shows a weakness for RUVega Squadron to shore up in the next couple weeks. Everyone on Vega played a remarkable series and would be playing the next round against EU4C&L if not for a few mistakes.


Thanks to everyone who cheered Vega on and we hope to perform much better in the coming months at the WCA 2015 Qualifiers, September 21-24, ESL, October 3-4, in DreamLeague Season 4, and in the first Dota 2 Major.