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Alienware Summer's End Cup: 5Jungz Win! 14.09.2015 Author // theDabca

And that is it for the Alienware Summer’s End Cup! EU5Jungz are your winners claiming $4,500. EU5Jungz came together nicely in this, their first, live competition and steamrolled through the rest of the competitors.

After defeating RUVega Squadron in the first round 2-1, 5Jungz 2-0 both EU4&CL and EUGolden Boys. EUGolden Boys, meanwhile, defeated RUTeam Empire 2-0 in the first round and SENIP 2-1 in the second round. RUPR and SEAlliance both lost 2-0 in the first round, getting off to a shaky start after the Post-TI5 shuffle. Only two series in this short online tournament made it to three games, showing why tournament organizers are having such a hard time figuring out who to invite to tournaments and qualifiers in the beginning of this new season of competitive Dota 2.

Not much has changed in the meta-game since TI5 because there has yet to be a new patch from Icefrog, so the pick-rates of key heroes like Tusk, Storm Spirit, Lina, and PL were sky high in this tournament. That, coupled with all of the bugs from the new Source 2 engine, created problems for many teams and players wanting to play new heroes and looking for stable gameplay (if you need an example go look at all of arteezy’s tweetsheart). We saw many pauses this tournament and the wait between games could stretch on for hours while the organizers tried and failed to saddle the new lobby making system. The mental game from each player had to be extremely strong in order to achieve any positive results, and the players from EU5Jungz showed that they were able to handle these stressful conditions the best.

RUVega Squadron was the only team able to take a game off of the champions, EU5Jungz, and we look to take this as a sign of confidence.

Both new and old players competed in this tournament, and there were quite a few remarkable moments. Bamboe with his blind Echo Slam into the Rosh Pit, and incredible Ice Blast snipes coming from Kuroky. Alienware Summer's End Cup was a great testing ground for new teams and new strategies, and if you have not had the time to watch all of the games, watch all of the highlights!