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Alexey Kondakov about Dota 2 roster's future 30.12.2017 Author // Konservator

In 2017 our Dota 2 roster has been changed a couple times and it lead to many speculations by our fans. CEO Vega Squadron Alexey Kondakov told us about the situation inside the team and shared his plans on 2018.

— Series of failures and lack of good results from our Dota 2 roster lasted for quite a while already and this is why I decided to find a new course. In new 2018 year I'll make a bet on searching, cultivation and development of young talents.

We will be making a team with fire in their eyes. The team that is not afraid of any difficulties and inevitable defeats, as there are no victories without losses. The team that you don't feel ashamed cheering for, the one that we will make us happy with victories!

I am not sure what lies on our way: it might be a sensation and an unexpected boost or a long, narrow and thorny path, but we have one aim and it's making the best team in the region and going to TI8! Vega Squadron has everything for the young players to progress quickly - there's experience, training grounds and a talented coach.

Kips is a person of great ambitions, talents and abilities. There are difficulties, of course, that don't let her implement the ideas into life - it's mostly about the difference in mentalities, but we already know how to fix it. It's the person that I'm making a bet on this time.

Noone guarrantees that everything will be the way we want it - so I'm not giving any empty promises about quick and easy success. But you can be sure that our team will practice hard, bootcamp frequently and improve teamwork all the time. We will keep you updated with all the necessary information so you feel closer to the organization and the team. Keep an eye on our resources - the announces are scheduled for January.

On the 31st of December our contract with Serget "G" Bragin ends and I would like to point out that both sides agreed on not renewing it. We're thankful to Sergey for the long months of working with us in Vega Squadron - he is definetely one of the best players in our region but unfortunately our points of view on many things did not coincide. I wish him to find a worthy team and show his skill on pro-scene!

And Happy New Year, friends! Let your dreams come true, your health will be good and the sky above your head will be peaceful! Thank you for support and cheering for us no matter what. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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