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After 3 maps with Team Empire, Vega drops to DAC lower brackets 05.02.2017 Author // sirVatum

First map picks:

Vega: Lone druid (Ditya Ra), Tinker (G), Enigma (Mag), Slardar (SoNNeikO), Rubick (CeMa)

Empire: Pudge (Miposhka), Underlord (Ghostik), Weaver (fn), Witch doctor (KingR), Meepo (chappie)


SoNNeikO began this game with a courier kill. Even though both teams were agressive, First Blood hasn't been spilt for quite a while. The first to die was KingR after a risky rotation to the enemy jungle. "Sharks" started pushing with their signature Lone Druid. So, Empire decided to take a risk and kill early Roshan. Moreover, they managed to win a fight shortly after.

From this point on Meepo got a lot more scary. "Squadron" tried to answer until after midgame. Empire wins a couple fights, gets up Vega's highground and takes 5 barracks. Final push didn't work out for "sharks" and they lose the first map, even with a rapier on Ditya Ra.



Second map picks:

Vega: Weaver (Ditya Ra), Ursa (G), Batrider (Mag), Io (SoNNeikO), Pudge (CeMa)

Empire: Earth spirit (Miposhka), Axe (Ghostik), Ember spirit (fn), Rubick (KingR), Lifestealer (chappie)


So, Vega decided to go with the opponent's pick but added Io to that. "Sharks" take first blood, but Empire replies with strong pressure and takes control over the map. Despite kill disadvantage, if we looked at the graphs at this time, Vega were ahead in terms of net worth and dodged big teamfights. By minute 21 the scores got even and "squadron" took the objectives lead and looked more confident. Without making any mistakes Vega gets up enemy high ground, takes first lane, takes Aegis and finishes the game.


Third map picks:

Vega: Lifestealer (Ditya Ra), Weaver (G), Brewmaster (Mag), Slardar (SoNNeikO), Oracle (CeMa)

Empire: Kunkka(Miposhka), Sand king (Ghostik), Terrorblade (fn), Shadow demon (KingR), Lone druid (chappie)

Both teams decided to be agressive early in the game with agressive supports. After a couple clutches that were quite even First Blood goes to Empire. However, teams go on with their massacre and start fighting everywhere, not only on lanes. Closer to midgame Vega's heroes looked stronger, but Empire started splitting, took all tier-2's and acquired gold advantage. The first major teamfight for quite a while was initiated by Empire and Vega didn't expect any of that happen. More gold is lost, Empire takes enemy base facing no resistance and Vega accepts defeat.