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6 Vega players at Dreamhack: Moscow this weekend! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Dreamhack: Moscow is coming this weekend on September 13th - 14th. Our Starcraft 2 guys are fully preparing for this amazing event that is in Moscow, Russia for first time in its history. Full players list is revealed following with caster and host lineup too. Lets see what we got here:

64 Starcraft 2 players from all over the world will participate in 2 group stages that leads to playoffs stage and top 16 players on the event. We will have our representatives in Starcraft 2, six Vega Squadron members will represent our colours, and they are: Russian FederationCreed, Russian FederationDMC, Russian FederationLiveZerg, Russian FederationKingCobra, Russian FederationSpellSinger and our newest recruit Russian Federationfraer.
They will join some of the best SC2 players in fighting for title of DH:Moscow champion. Here is the list of most notable korean players that are favourites for the title:

Protoss: KoreaPatience, KoreaOz, KoreaDear, KoreaStork, KoreaFirst, KoreaDaisy
Zerg KoreaGolden, KoreaTRUE, KoreaHyuN, KoreaSolar, KoreaLife, KoreaBBoongBBoong
Terran: KoreaYoda, KoreaMMA

Lets wish our guys the best of luck! We will keep you posted with groups, streams and results of our players too!