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33 problems: Story about Israeli offlaner hunting "sharks" 25.05.2017 Author // Ace

In season 2016/17 Vega faced such superstars as Miracle-, MidOne, Sccc and many others. It was tough, but not as troublesome as Neta "33" Shapira, an offlaner that played in less famous teams.

Neta first showed his face on pro-scene under nickname The Coon in the most unstable mix in EU called hehe united. Most of the players that used to be in the team didn't achieve anything, though. Back then The Coon was playing carry but was given Centaur Warrunner in his match against Vega. In that match hehe beat "sharks" in bo1 series on Mountain Trail Challenge even though they were playing without 9Pasha. Neta was playing confident that game, but even he wasn't able to carry hehe in bo3 series a couple days after. MindControl wasn't capable as well (back then an unknown support player).

Then The Coon joined No Logic Gaming. He, however, didn't face Vega in the team as it happened right after Global Esports Cup LAN's. 33 didn't show anything extraordinary in the team and soon went to Kaipi to go for the TI6. This rush became a catastrophy in open qualifiers but the roster stood the same and the team started looking way more confident next season.

EU qualifiers for WCA-2016 was the first serious tournament after The International 6 and it was given a lot of attention. And the best looking teams back there were Vega and Kaipi. The latter reached Grand Finals through upper brackets after winning "sharks" (even without Fn being in the team). In grand finals Kaipi turned out being stronger in a fierce battle with a 3:2 score. Many teams said that it was because pieliedie was a stand-in for the team, but 33 was the captain and attracted a lot of attention from fans and other players.

A couple months later Neta came to the LAN finals under ProDotA tag (Vega also were on LAN finals even with the second place in the qualifiers because of the format) with 3 ex-Kaipi players in the team. PD were not expected to escape play-offs as Garter didn't get his visa, but 33 and his team (by the way, current Na'Vi player Biver was in the roster) stopped "sharks" twice and didn't let them go through play-off stage. Back then everyone were surprised why Neta is not playing in the team that seriously fights for Valve-events. Moreover, as rumors say, 33 was considered as a replacement for FoRev, but Khezu was picked instead.

As result, 33 joined the strongest roster ProDotA has ever had. Under this tag Neta has already won 2 series against Vega and noone had any doubt who's in charge now. Israeli player had 4 incredible matches on Clockwerk and destroyed opponent's safelane singlehandedly. The only map "sharks" won was with Clockwerk being given to support player, not 33. In the first LOOTBet round PD took over Alliance in crazy series. In these matches Clockwerk was banned constantly (on both sides, however), but still Neta managed to find a way to carry his team being ahead of Spectre in net worths on his Tidehunter.

Yes, PD are all great players. A pair of supports look very solid, Keyser is now the strongest player in Greece and Garter is on his high level as always, but I don't think anyone has any doubt about who's the real moving force of the team, the force that has to be stopped. And the hero, that you should never let 33 have.