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2 bright wins are a good way to begin on LCL in Vega opinion 24.06.2017 Author // Ace

In the first day of LCL Summer Split Vega Squadron faced Na'Vi and M19.


Vega – Na’Vi

Vega: Renekton (NoNholy), Kha’zix (Zanzarah), Cassiopeia (Drobovik123), Ashe (Optimas), Zyra (Delord)
Na’Vi: Gnar (Zvene), Warwick (DoubleAim), Viktor (Piter Pokir), Shaiya (Amiracle), Galio (Skash)

On map one it looked like Na'Vi took a complicated pick with Galio on support, in result "sharks" dominated on all lanes, but after one gank on midlane all the gap was nullified. Drobovik was able to survive but was punished for counter-agression.

Na'Vi were taking the advantage slowly, but steadily, but weren't able to take Nashor while Vega used the very first opportunity with success and let their macrogame do the thing. "Squadron" were very confident, caught opponents on bad positions and went for necessary fights. So, "sharks" were rewarded with a victory. A tough one, which is important.


Vega – M19

Vega: Gragas (NoNholy), Rek’Sai (Zanzarah), Viktor (Drobovik123), Kaitlyn (Optimas), Thresh (Delord)
Na’Vi: Renekton (Smurf), Elise (Reach), Corki (Lukezy), Varus (Vincent), Braum (SimSin)

Next map "sharks" began with advantage, just like the first one. They scored kills on botlane, but the first Korean player in LCL started doing his thing. He played a great dive on toplane that brought Smurf one hell of advantage over NoNholy. The pressure on mid was also a thing. The situation got really bad after Delord and Drobovik123 deaths without M19 jungler participation.

However, "sharks" showed that they can handle a punch. They were keeping the advantage steady and kept on playing. In all the teamfights "squadron" looked stronger in terms of teamplay. When the game reached it's late stage, "sharks" took what's theirs by right.