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Vega Squadron LCL Summer Split roster

"Sharks" roster for the LCL Summer Split.




Vega Squadron LCL Summer Split roster

"Sharks" roster for the LCL Summer Split.




LastHero and j4 join Vega Squadron

Dota 2 roster changes

LastHero and j4 join Vega Squadron

Dota 2 roster changes

The Frankfurt Major tournament format! 19.10.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Now, when all 16 participants of the Frankfurt Major have been announced and approved, we're glad to announce the groupstage and play-off format of the first Dota 2 Major event ever which starts in November.

MLG World Finals: Team Secret Takes It All! 19.10.2015 Author // theDabca

EUTeam Secret defeated the USEvil Geniuses 3-1 in a tour-de-force. Two of the greatest drafters in Dota 2 faced off in a Best-of-Five series, and Puppey came out on top.

MLG World Finals: The Group Stages Are Over! 18.10.2015 Author // theDabca

The group stages for the MLG World Finals are over, and your playoff bracket is filled. EUMonkey Business will be playing EUTeam Secret tomorrow while CNCDEC take on the current Aegis holders, USEvil Geniuses. Look for more intense action and innovative play!

MLG World Finals Today! 16.10.2015 Author // theDabca

The MLG World Finals in New Orleans begin today. Besides hosting COD and others, we will be seeing eight of the best Dota 2 Teams in the world compete for over $250,000.

Dota 2 Daily Recap: October 15, 2015 16.10.2015 Author // theDabca

RUVega Squadron takes down SEAlliance in our first match of the Summit 4 European Qualifiers 2-0! We move into the next round and will face EUTeam Liquid for the Winners’ Bracket Semi-Final.

DreamHack Leipzig with CS:GO! 14.10.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

DreamHack has confirmed that its first event in 2016, in Leipzig, will feature CS:GO as one of its main titles.

AM and SEA Frankfurt qualifiers are over! 14.10.2015 Author // HighArT

First region to end the qualifier rounds for the Frankfurt Major is SEA with PHMineski and MYFnatic being the two teams to join the eight directly invited teams. In the American regional qualifiers, USCloud9 and PEunknown.xiu have emerged as victorious, qualifying for the upcoming Frankfurt Major.

Alliance and (monkey) Business are going to Frankfurt! 14.10.2015 Author // HighArT

At the end of an insanely tense playoffs day two at the European qualifiers for the upcoming Major Championship, EU(monkey) Business and SEAlliance are the two teams that will travel to Frankfurt next month.

Dota 2 Daily Recap: October 12, 2015 13.10.2015 Author // theDabca

After the first stage of the Frankfurt Qualifiers, only 16 teams remain. The second stage has begun, and at the same time the qualifiers for the Summit 4 and the second stage of The Defense Season 5 are rolling. A busy few weeks for competitive Dota 2, look for a great season from Vega Squadron!

SL i-League StarSeries announced! 12.10.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Starladder and ImbaTV announce partnership, bringing new eSports league ‘’SL i-League StarSeries’’ to the Dota 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone scenes.