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Fierce will be coaching Vega Squadron CS:GO team

Vega Squadron are in the beginning of the long road to the top and it's time that we expand our ranks.

Kipspul joins Vega Squadron as new Dota 2 coach

New opportunities for our boys!

Vega Squadron parners up with DXRacer

Vega Squadron рада объявить о начале сотрудничества c лидером рынка компьютерных кресел для геймеров, компанией DXRacer.

Vega Squadron partners up with MSI

Vega Squadron рада представить своего нового партнера.

Lucky and Rezakoman are invited to qualifications of WSVG 2015 Author // Wound

The large World Series of Video Games championship renews the tournaments after a long break. This time players from around the world will fight here, they will battle in such disciplines, as: FIFA 2015, StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Age of Empires 2.

Alienware Summer's End Cup: Day One Author // theDabca

Well, our Alienware Summer’s End Cup run was cut short today. RUVega Squadron lost 2-1 in a close series against EU5Jungz, dropping out of the single-elimination tournament in the first round and finishing out of the money.

Vega.CSGO roster changes Author // Wound

We're now ready to announce that our CS:GO squad has changed. Unfortunately, norison is leaving our team since the real life began taking too much of his time to be able to keep up with the practicing schedule. 

WCA 2015 qualifiers! Author // HighArT

After a year long hiatus, the renowned Chinese tournament WCA is back, this time with a massive $650,000 prizepool for the main event. In its European Pro qualifier, 8 teams have been invited to battle it out for 2 tickets to the main event in China this December, with the qualifiers even having their own prize pool of $87,500.

DreamLeague Season 4 announced! Author // HighArT

ASUS ROG DreamLeague is finally back with a new season featuring $150,000, regular broadcasts from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios and a Grand Final at DreamHack Winter 2015.

Alienware Summer's End Cup Author // HighArT

With the cancellation of of The Gaming Paradise LAN, Beyond The Summit decided to fill empty weekend with an 8 team, single-elimination tournament to whet your appetite for competitive Dota 2 all powered by Alienware X51.

The Push to Qualify for ESL One New York 2015 Author // theDabca
ESL One Banner

The push to qualify for ESL One New York started shortly after the post-TI5 shuffle began. While other teams were dropping rosters and making new additions, Vega Squadron decided to stay together and tough it out. And because of this, we were victorious!

Vega goes to ESL One New York! Author // Wound

The ESL One NY Europe qualifiers finished with our triumph as RUVega emerging victorious over SENinjas in Pyjamas in the grand finals. We are going to New York!

[Major Championship] Two substitutes announced! Author // HighArT

Dota 2 Majors are closing. Teams rosters are locked as every team needed to announce their full lineup until 1st of September. However Valve's new rules are allowing to sign up to 2 substitute players for each team.

[Nitrogen Sports] Guide - how to bet with bitcoins! Author // HighArT

First time at Nitrogen Sports? So, you’ve acquired some bitcoin, and are ready to bet at Nitrogen! Now what?