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«Sharks» finished third on ROG Masters 2017

Second weekend of December was the date for ROG Masters 2017 finals and Vega Squadron scored "bronze" on it.

Vega earned silver on «City Battles»

«ROG City Battles» PUBG tournament finals were scheduled for December 9th and our team was a couple points short from taking the first place.

Vega Squadron enters Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Vega Squadron announces a roster in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - a project with incredible growth rates since the very early access back in March 2017.

Vega Squadron begins cooperation with MakeMy.Bet

Parnership will help both participants improve not only their brands, but Russian eSports scene in general.

Presenting team: HellRaisers 03.11.2015 Author // Ace

Our first match on Tuesday, 3rd of November will be against our old friends and contenders HellRaisers. The last time teams faced each other was in May. And, by traditions, we're here to bring you a couple facts about the enemy we're about fight.

Vega - NiP: second draw on 2 November 03.11.2015 Author // Ace

The second game on Moday, 2 October, Vega played versus NiP in The Defense group stage. Their opponent were Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

Vega - 4CL: Suspense in DreamLeague 02.11.2015 Author // Ace

The first opponent of Vega Squadron on Monday were 4 Clover and Lepricon in DreamLeague group stage bo2-series.

Presenting team: Ninjas in Pyjamas 02.11.2015 Author // Ace

This monday in 23:00 Vega Squadron will play against their longtime enemies Ninjas in Pyjamas on The Defense 5. So we collected some useful facts about our contender for the second matchup of the day.

4 Clover and Lepricon: the second time for a week and a half 02.11.2015 Author // Ace

After a small break from competitive games due to team moving to bootcamp, Vega Squadron is back on track. Our first contender will be 4CL. This time we'll meet in bo2 series on DreamLeague 4.

CS:GO: Vega takes down Refuse 01.11.2015 Author // Ace

This evening Vega Squadron met Refuse on QuickShot ShowMatches. It's worth mentioning that teams haven't faced each other ever before.

Vega Squadron will take part in Dota2 Pit League Season 4! 01.11.2015 Author // Wound

Dota2 Pit League Season 4 is starting very soon and we at Vega Squadron are proud to announce that we'll take part in this event.

Vega Squadron Dota 2, October stats 31.10.2015 Author // Ace

A month when Vega won ESL One New York. A month when everyone picked Alchemist and Doom but ‘sharks’ responded with Sven and Beastmaster. Vega Squadron official site presents the most interesting stats about our team performance in October.

Vega Squadron, Dota 2: What? Where? When? 30.10.2015 Author // Ace

Official Vega Squadron website is here to summarize October results and tell you where and when our team will be playing this month.

Vega will not attend WCA 2015 Open Qualifiers 29.10.2015 Author // Ace

We are sad to announce that our Dota 2 team will not attend WCA European Open Qualifiers.