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Vega will fight for the last The Summit 7 invite

Vega Squadron will take part in LOOTBet Invitational tournament with one last invite to The Summit 7 being one of the prizes.

Vega Squadron are leaving SL i-League Invitational

Vega Squadron faced Newbee on SL i-League Invitaional once again.

Vega Squadron parners up with DXRacer

Vega Squadron рада объявить о начале сотрудничества c лидером рынка компьютерных кресел для геймеров, компанией DXRacer.

Vega Squadron partners up with MSI

Vega Squadron рада представить своего нового партнера.

Sixth season of Dota2 Champions League! Author // HighArT

The Great Reshuffle is over, teams are ready, so it's just about time for Dota2 Champions League to show up with a bunch of new stuff for everyone!

eSport in numbers! Author // HighArT

Games market researcher Newzoo has reported that revenue generated from esports games, events and advertising is growing exponentially, and estimates global revenue will reach $765 million by the year 2018.

The Summit 4 is almost there! Author // Wound

The Summit 4 is the fourth tournament in a series of unforgettable events spanning the course of the past two years.

Vega Squadron Loses 2-0 to Monkey Business Author // theDabca

Second day of the MLG World Finals European Qualifiers sees RUVega Squadron lose 2-0 to EUMonkey Business and drop out of the single-elimination qualifiers.

First Dota2 tournament for national teams! Author // Wound

Dota2leagues decided to organize the first Dota 2 tournament in the world that only has national teams in it. The prize pool of that event will be $10,000.

Vega Survives day one at MLG Qualifiers! Author // theDabca

Today was the first day of the European Qualifiers for the joinDota MLG World Finals 2015 to be held in New Orleans October 16-18. RUVega Squadron moves into the next round with a swift defeat of EUGolden Boys!

Nanyang Championship qualifiers! Author // theDabca

The European Qualifiers for the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships in Singapore begin on September 24, next Thursday.

MLG Dota 2 World Finals! Author // HighArT

With all six of the precious MLG World Finals invites already released, tomorrow will mark the beginning of the qualifiers for the final two slots.

Alienware Summer's End Cup: 5Jungz Win! Author // theDabca
Alienware Summer's End Cup 2015

And that is it for the Alienware Summer’s End Cup! EU5Jungz are your winners claiming $4,500. EU5Jungz came together nicely in this, their first live competition and steamrolled through the rest of the competitors.

Lucky and Rezakoman are invited to qualifications of WSVG 2015 Author // Wound

The large World Series of Video Games championship renews the tournaments after a long break. This time players from around the world will fight here, they will battle in such disciplines, as: FIFA 2015, StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Age of Empires 2.