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Vega Squadron will play against Liquid for the slot on EPICENTER groupstage

Counter Strike: Global Offenseive EPICENTER 2017 organizers announced matches for wildcard stage and the name of the first Vega Squadorn opponent.

Vega Squadron becomes the China Top 2017 champion

After 6 won matches in China "sharks" earn themselves the Champions title and $45,000 prize on China Top 2017.

Vega Squadron parners up with DXRacer

Vega Squadron рада объявить о начале сотрудничества c лидером рынка компьютерных кресел для геймеров, компанией DXRacer.

Vega Squadron partners up with MSI

Vega Squadron рада представить своего нового партнера.

Presenting opponent: Yellow Submarine 24.12.2015 Author // Ace

This thursday, December 24 at 22:00 MSK Vega Squadron will meet Yellow Submarine in 1/8 finals of BTS Europe, so we're here to traditionally present our opponent.

9Pasha и No[o]ne номинированы на звание лучших игроков из СНГ по версии Sports.ru 23.12.2015 Author // Ace

Вы можете поддержать первого или второго номера «акул» в голосовании.

Alliance triumph on WCA: social media recap 22.12.2015 Author // Ace

WCA Dota 2 LAN finals ended in Sunday and Alliance earned their first title since June 2014. Everything that was connected to the tournament itself will be in this social media recap today.

Vega Squadron will take part in BTS Europe 21.12.2015 Author // Ace

"Sharks" will take part in one more tournament this year.

Vega leaves MarsTV Dota 2 League 21.12.2015 Author // Ace

After a victory over Virtus.Pro Vega Squadron had to play with Elements Pro Gaming in lower brackets finals. This sQreen's squad beat "sharks" in upper bracket semifinals.

Vega beats Virtus Pro in bo3 series for the first time in history 20.12.2015 Author // Ace

This sunday CIS DotA fans were pleased with an amazing derby. Vega and Virtus.Pro were fighting for the right to continue their MarsTV Dota 2 League journey.

Presenting opponent: Virtus Pro 20.12.2015 Author // Ace

This Sunday at 19:30 MSK Vega will face Virtus.Pro in MDL Europe lower brackets semifinals. Official "sharks" website will tell you more about the team we're facing.

New strategies bring Vega victory over STARK 20.12.2015 Author // Ace

In the second round match Vega fought team STARK. Teams haven't played with each other sice TI5 qualifiers.

Presenting opponent: STARK 19.12.2015 Author // Ace

Our only saturday match Vega will play aganinst STARK at 22:30 on MarsTV Dota League. Official "sharks" website will tell you about our opponent for today.

Mag nominated for the best offlaner title on GosuGamers 18.12.2015 Author // Ace

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