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Vega will take part in WellPlay Invitaional

Vega Squadron will play on WellPlay Invitational for the first time in the history. Official "sharks" website will tell you about the event.

Vega stops one step away from ECS Development League

«Sharks» lost in the open qualifier finals of ECS Development League.

Incredible match: Vega Squadron - ROX

In the beginning of phase 2 of LCL Vega faced ROX once more. This time there wasn't a stand-in playing for the opponent.

Vega loses to ANOX with minimal gap in LCL Grand Finals

In LCL Grand Finals Vega Squadron faced league's current current champion - Albus NoX Luna.

Vega Squadron presents a duo of coaches for our League of Legends roster Author // Ace

Vega Squadron is glad to announce new coaches for our League of Legends team.

Vega will fight for an invite to Starladder i-League Season 3 LAN finals Author // Ace

Due to Virtus.Pro cancel of their StarLadder i-League Season 3 invitaion Vega Squadron recieved a second chance to participate. In order to advance, they had to beat F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the other semi-finalist of preliminary qualifiers.

Vega gets another chance to play Starladder i-League 3 qualifiers Author // Ace

Unexpected but still pleasant news has come to Vega Squadron by Starladder i-League organizers.

Vega opponents for DAC qualifier groupstage Author // Ace

Vega Squadron opponents for Dota 2 Asia Championships qualifier groupstage are now known. It begins on February, 3rd.

Schedule for LCL Spring Split regular season Author // Ace

The schedule for the regular season of LCL Spring Split has been announced.

Vega didn't make it to main StarLadder qualifiers Author // Ace

In the decisive match on StarLadder i-Leeague Season 3 Vega faced Cloud9.

Presenting opponent: Cloud9 Author // Ace

This Thursday, February 19th at 18:00 CET Vega Squadron are going to fight for their invite to the main StarLadder i-League qualifiers in a match against Cloud9.

Vega Squadron overturn the bo3 series against January 25th Author // sirVatum

In the first bo3 of SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 phase 2 qualifiers Vega faced January 25th. New rosters haven't met before.


Presenting opponent: January 25th Author // Ace

This wednseday, at 17:00 CET Vega Squadron begin their way on StarLadder i-League Season 3 with a match against January 25th.

Vega Squadron will play on Dota 2 Asia Championships qualifiers Author // Ace

«Shark» will be fighting for an invite to the most prestigious chinese LAN tournament this season.