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Vega Squadron will play on DreamLeague Season 7

In the decisive match of DreamLeague Season 7 qualifiers "sharks" beat Effect in the tough bo3 series.

Vega Squadron Dota 2 Roster

Vega Squadron defined their roster for the upcoming tournament.

Vega Squadron parners up with DXRacer

Vega Squadron рада объявить о начале сотрудничества c лидером рынка компьютерных кресел для геймеров, компанией DXRacer.

Vega Squadron partners up with MSI

Vega Squadron рада представить своего нового партнера.

Vega lose to Spirit and leave Overpower Cup Author // Ace

In Single Elimination brackets of OverPower Cup Vega Squadron faced Team Spirit.

Vega Squadron will be playing on D2CL Season 11 Author // Ace

«Sharks» are about to take part in one more recent online event.

Vega Squadron will take part in The Dota 2 OverPower Cup Author // Ace

"Sharks" Dota 2 roster will take part in OverPower Cup online tournament with a serious list of participants.

It's HIM again: Vega scores 2:0 on week 6 Author // Ace

In the 12th tour of LCL Vega Squadron faced Na'Vi that have been displaying upsetting results lately.

Vega Squadron qualified for the mainstage of Russia eSports Cup Author // Ace

Vega will be playing on mainstage of Russia eSports Cup.

The Kiev Major: Vega are only saving theoretical chances to get out of groupstage Author // Ace

Vega finish The Kiev Major CIS qualifiers with defeats from Na'Vi and Spirit.

The Kiev Major: Vega get a plus Author // Ace

In the first 3 matches of the Kiev Major qualifiers Vega faced the leader of the brackets and 2 outsiders.

Vega beat LCL leaders Author // Ace

The 11th match of LCL Regular Season for Vega Squadron was against Vaevictis eSports, the leaders at the moment.

Vega takes 2 matches from young teams Author // Ace

After a bad start on The Kiev Major qualifiers "sharks" were facing Hive and Comanche later.

Vega begin on The Kiev Major qualifiers with 2 losses Author // Ace

This Friday Vega Squadron were playing their matches on the first CIS Major qualifiers. First two matches were against Effect and Empire.