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Vega will take part in WellPlay Invitaional

Vega Squadron will play on WellPlay Invitational for the first time in the history. Official "sharks" website will tell you about the event.

Vega stops one step away from ECS Development League

«Sharks» lost in the open qualifier finals of ECS Development League.

Incredible match: Vega Squadron - ROX

In the beginning of phase 2 of LCL Vega faced ROX once more. This time there wasn't a stand-in playing for the opponent.

Vega loses to ANOX with minimal gap in LCL Grand Finals

In LCL Grand Finals Vega Squadron faced league's current current champion - Albus NoX Luna.

After 3 maps with Team Empire, Vega drops to DAC lower brackets Author // sirVatum

In upper brackets of DAC qualifiers Vega Squadron faced Team Empire

Presenting opponent: Team Empire Author // Ace

In upper bracket finals in CIS DAC qualifiers of Group B Vega Squadron will face Team Empire. Official "sharks" website is here once again to tell you about our contender for today.

Presenting opponent: Comanche Author // Ace

This Sundary, February 4th at 12:00 CET Vega Squadron will begin their way on Dota 2 Asia Championship qualifiers with a match against Comanche. Official "sharks" website is here to tradition of telling you everything you need to know about our opponent.

Vega are out of the IEM Katowice one step away from finish Author // sirVatum

After all the bo1's Vega Squadron are out on quarterfinal stage of CS:GO IEM Katowice Open Qualifiers.

Final match on Starladder finishes with a defeat for Vega Author // sirVatum

In the last match on Starladdder i-League Season 3 Vega Squadron faced Team Secret.

Presenting opponent: Team Secret Author // sirVatum

On 2nd of February, at 18:00 CET Vega Squadron will be playing against Team Secret on Starladder i-League Season 3. Official "sharks" website will tell you more about our opponent.

Vega loses all chances to attent Starladder i-League LANs Author // Ace

The penultimate match on EU Starladder i-League qualifiers for Vega was against Natus Vincere.

Presenting opponent: Na'Vi Author // Ace

This Tuesday, on January 31 at 18:15 CET Vega Squadron play against Natus Vincere on StarLadder i-League Season 3. Official "sharks" website will tell you more about our opponent for today.

Vega Squadron will play on ESEA Open Division Author // Ace

«Sharks» will begin their way on ESEA Pro League from the open division.

Zanzarah: «We have stronger lanes than Na'Vi & Gambit» Author // Ace

Vega Squadron jungler, Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov talked about his impressions in a game with Virtus.Pro and shared his idea about Na'Vi and Gambit that Vega are facing next week.