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Vega will fight for the last The Summit 7 invite

Vega Squadron will take part in LOOTBet Invitational tournament with one last invite to The Summit 7 being one of the prizes.

Vega Squadron are leaving SL i-League Invitational

Vega Squadron faced Newbee on SL i-League Invitaional once again.

Vega Squadron parners up with DXRacer

Vega Squadron рада объявить о начале сотрудничества c лидером рынка компьютерных кресел для геймеров, компанией DXRacer.

Vega Squadron partners up with MSI

Vega Squadron рада представить своего нового партнера.

Vega have to withdraw from Mr. Cat Invitational Author // Ace

Vega Squadron are withdrawing from Mr. Cat Invitaional qualifiers due to heavy match schedule.

Vega accepts defeat from Alliance on The Summit 7 Author // Ace

In groupstage finals of The Summit 7 EU qualifiers Vega Squadron faced Alliance.

Guess the scores! Vega played another match on DreamLeague Author // Ace

In another DreamLeague match Vega Squadron faced Team Liquid.

Vega score their first victory on bootcamp Author // Ace

In the lower bracket match of Mr.Cat Invitational Vega Squadron faced Effect that were playing with 2 stand-ins: Afoninje and ArsZeeqq were replaced with Scandal and yol.

Presenting opponents: Effect, Liquid Author // Ace

On the 9th of May Vega Squadron will play their first matches in teamhouse. Official "sharks" website will tell you more about our opponents.

Vega Squadron lose to Na'Vi on EPICENTER EU Qualifiers Author // sirVatum

On EPICENTER EU Qualifiers Vega faced Na’Vi in bo3 series.

Vega Squadron outplayed Na'Vi on The Summit 7 Qualifiers Author // sirVatum

On The Summit 7 qualifiers Vega Squadron played bo3 series against Na'Vi.

The Rivalry: Vega – Na’Vi Author // Ace

Vega Squadron are having 2 bo3 series against Na'Vi - on The Summit 7 and Epicenter.

Vega will take part in CIS Minor qualifiers Author // Ace

Vega Squadron CS:GO team were directly invited to CIS Minor qualifiers that will be going in June 8-11.

Vega lose to ProDotA Gaming once more Author // Ace

Vega Squadron began their way on Mr. Cat Invitational with a match against ProDotA Gaming.