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Vega will take part in WellPlay Invitaional

Vega Squadron will play on WellPlay Invitational for the first time in the history. Official "sharks" website will tell you about the event.

Vega stops one step away from ECS Development League

«Sharks» lost in the open qualifier finals of ECS Development League.

Incredible match: Vega Squadron - ROX

In the beginning of phase 2 of LCL Vega faced ROX once more. This time there wasn't a stand-in playing for the opponent.

Vega loses to ANOX with minimal gap in LCL Grand Finals

In LCL Grand Finals Vega Squadron faced league's current current champion - Albus NoX Luna.

Vega begin on D2CL with confidence Author // Ace

In another Dota 2 Champions League season Vega Squadron began against a team that went through open qualifiers, Insane People.

Vega surprisingly lose Vaevictis Author // Ace

Third week for Vega Squadron ended for them with a match against Vaevictis eSports.

Vega finish their way on DAC Author // Ace

In lower bracket semifinals of DAC CIS qualifier Vega Squadron faced Team Spirit.

Vega outsplitpushed M19 Author // Ace

In the 5th round of LCL Spring Split regular season Vega Squadron faced M19.

Vega will keep fighting for DAC invite in lower brackets Author // Ace

In the first match of DAC EU qualifiers Vega Squadron faced Team Effect.

Presenting opponent: Effect Author // Ace

This Saturday, at 15:00 CET Vega Squadron begin on DAC qualifier play-offs with a match against Team Effect. Official "sharks" website is here to tell you about our upcoming contender.

Vega Squadron will take part in Starladder i-League Season 3 qualifier Author // Ace

«Sharks» were invited to the groupstage of EU qualifier.

Guide to Vega's games on Continental League Author // Ace

Оfficial "sharks" website is here once again to tell you which teams our League roster is facing in tour 5 and 6 of LCL Regular season.

Vega beats Comanche in crazy bo3 series Author // sirVatum

Vega Squadron faced Comanche on DAC 2017 once again. This time in lower brackets.

First «Sharks» defeat: Unexpected end of week two Author // sirVatum

In the end of the LCL Spring Split Vega Squadron