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The song was actually recorded with single mic at Curtis Tulman's studio (from the Cruzeros). It's amazing, and we can get some great stuff out of there. I've got to give credit to Jeff Myers and living source media, who did the filming and editing.

I don't buy this guff about Chopra being a natural goalscorer. Look at his record, he has only ever scored more than 20 goals total in a season twice. Twice in 11 full seasons. "Asura" launched on June 25."Asura" is a 3DMMORPG boutique that Tencent Quantum Studio spent five years of painstaking work to build, and the CG is also produced by the wellknown studio that participated in the production of the movie "Avatar".The game "world architect", Mr. Jin He Zai, modeled the game off of the Chinese traditional novel "Journey to the West" as viewed through an adult perspective, remodeling the whole story. In the game, players not only can play the Monkey (Monkey King) or Rakshasa (Princess Iron Fan), traveling with the legendary heroes to reexperience the eightyone difficulties of the novel, but they also can reach from heaven to earth to create their own oriental mythology epic.At the same time, relying on rigorous R ideas and technical innovations, "Asura" aims to break stereotypes through differentiated hero design, a diversified system and a creative operating mode for the players to have a comparable classic single game combat experience in a MMORPG.
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